Vitro Architectural Glass

From Interiors to Exteriors and Beyond

Vitro Architectural Glass's family of low-iron glasses provide design professionals with a range of options appropriate for interiors, decorative glass, exterior façades, vision glazing and more.

Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass

Get stunning clarity and color fidelity. Accept no substitutes—Starphire® glass is the ultimate in low-iron glass technology.

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Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass

Where ordinary clear glass was once a given, pure clarity is now within reach. Acuity™ glass is our affordable low-iron option.

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San Francisco Public Utilities Low-Iron Glass

Minimizing the Green

Design professionals know that clear glass isn’t completely clear—it has a distinct green hue when viewed under light. Fortunately, more transparent solutions are available at various price points.

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